Getting started

Analytics Dashboard

Make the Most Out of Your Data

Analyze the purchasing behavior of your customers and optimize your funnels.

Measurable Success

Get maximum transparency: Revenue, campaigns, even the performance of individual courses. Keep an eye on it all!

Mobile Seller App

Do you need your data to always be available? With the free elopage seller app, you have your business' performance right in your pocket on the go.

Fiscally Correct

All displayed data is available to you for bookkeeping and tax declarations. You can download the reports in a fiscally correct format.

Revenue, Payment Plans and Payment Types

Analyze Your Cash Flow Precisely

There's no success without measurable data. That's why there's an extensive analysis area in your seller account with detailed information on revenue, payment methods, and more.
Keep an eye on revenue and analyze which products are your bestsellers.
Use filters to create individual dashboards and start doing deep analysis.
Your customers' data is available to you in a GDPR-compliant and secure manner.

Data on Your Online Courses

Track the Progress of Your Course Participants

Your content has been created and is selling well. But how are your customers interacting with the online courses, and how is your content resonating with the target group?
Set up a dashboard and analyze the course progress.
Find out which lessons are performing the best.
Evaluate your courses and optimize your content.

Your Mobile Dashboard: 
The elopage Seller App

Traffic and Conversion Rates

Optimize the Performance of Your Content and Products

There are many ways to get to your products, and of course you want to know what they are! This isn't a problem for the extensive tracking options.
Use Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager on all elopages.
Analyze the bounce and conversion rates of your landing pages.
Create deep links with whatever parameters you'd like.

All Data at a Glance

Tax Declarations Made Easy

After revenue comes taxes! With elopage, you or your bookkeeper will always receive all relevant data at a glance.
Legally compliant and comprehensive overview of all revenue.
Detailed listing of revenue, fees, and commissions.
Convenient data export in CSV format.

These Companies Trust in elopage

Do It Like Felix

This Is How Online Sales Conferences Work

Iamstronger Interview Highlight
Felix Anrich and his company Fairlohnung provide medium-sized companies concepts for health and employee benefits. An essential part of this work involves trade fairs, where HR specialists, celebrity guests, and entrepreneurs come together. Fairlohnung uses elopage as the payment provider for its e-tickets. Due to the COVID pandemic, Fairlohnung has set up an online version of this conference with the help of elopage.
What started as an online course became an online conference for hundreds of participants.
Convenient payment processing of different packages for exhibitors.
Automatic access management for participants.
Easy e-ticket sales for live events.

Get to know elopage now – with a 14-day free trial!

Create products, design your landing pages, and start making sales even during the trial period. No cancellation necessary. Test the full version of elopage now!
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