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Online Courses

Create and Sell Online Courses

Use online courses to sell your knowledge as a digital product or to train employees comprehensively.

No Programming Knowledge Needed

Create multimedia online courses with multiple lessons and time controls, without having to type in a single line of code. elopage gives you the freedom to fully concentrate on your course content.

100% Your Design

Make everything, including your welcome page, the individual lessons, and even the payment page, in your design. This will lend your courses a recognition value and establish your brand better among your customers.

Ready for Sale in 5 Minutes

As soon as you have created your course, you will get a direct link to the corresponding payment page. Offer your customers every common type of payment, various currencies, and even installment payments and subscriptions.

Create and Sell Online Courses

Do More With Your Knowledge

Online courses are the perfect opportunity to sell your expert knowledge without you having to be personally involved. Use online courses to sell your knowledge as a digital product or to comprehensively (by and large) train employees. Once an online course has been created, it can be extended to as many participants as you'd like. Create a second financial support with little effort and catapult yourself out of the hamster wheel. Next stop: Independence! But how do you combine videos, texts, downloads, audio files, and more into a course with multiple lessons, quizzes, awards, and time control together? That sounds pretty complicated. But it doesn't have to be. With elopage, you create online courses that are ready for sale in just a few minutes.

Excite Your Customers!

Online Courses With elopage Offer These Advantages

Offering online courses pays off both for you as a provider and for your customers. See for yourself!

For Providers

Time control for automatic sequence
Alternative to personal consultation
Sell knowledge online as a product
Scalable; saves time and resources
Contactless, yet personal
Attractive to new customer segments
Ready-to-use design templates
Automatic payment processing
Memberships and subscriptions
Ready for sale immediately: Course hosting and payment processing in one software!

For Customers

Interactive learning
Multimedia (text, image, video, audio)
Structure and learning progress
Certificates as proof
Exchange with community
Gain knowledge at your own pace
Independent learning

110,000+ different products are being offered with elopage.

Mini Courses

Mini courses are a great opportunity to make customers aware of your online course program.


Create an academy with multiple online courses to optimally train your employees.

Video Courses

Use video, audio, and text to offer your customers an optimal self-study experience with your online courses.

Online Conferences

Build your reputation as an expert at digital conferences and expand your network.

Download Area

Offer your course participants additional documents on your online courses in special areas.

Webinar Accompaniment

Use online courses to add things to prepare and supplement your webinars or topics.

Offer Online Courses

Multiple Use Cases Are Possible!

Online courses are a great alternative to simple products available for download and also to offline training sessions. Package your knowledge into lessons and check your participants' progress with interactive tests. elopage offers you all the freedom to get the most out of your online courses!

100% Your Design

With elopage, Your Online Courses Become a Customer Magnet

Not all online courses are created equal. To ensure that your courses are sustainably successful and are recommended by your participants, it's important to have maximum learning convenience. elopage offers you everything you need to quickly turn your participants into fans.


Use a mix of video, audio, text, and downloads to communicate your knowledge.

Design Freedom

Create online courses like you want them: Your design, your menu, course pages with your structure.

Quizzes & Tests

Start simple multiple choice tests or complex final exams with automatically generated certificate.

As Many Participants As You’d Like

Whether 10, 100, or 10,000 participants, elopage courses also function flawlessly even with heavy use.

Awards & Certificates

Automatically deliver a personal course certificate or vouchers as a reward.

Automatic Course Emails

Even without your own e-mail tool: Send time-controlled updates on the online course.

Fully Automated

Easily offer online courses that run automatically and without your personal presence.

Protected Area

No intervention on your part: The elopage system sends your customers their personal login to the course area after purchase.

Time Control

You decide when your online course or individual lessons should be unlocked or blocked.

Just a Few Steps to Your Own Online Course

How You Can Create Online Courses in Your Design With elopage

You don't need a programmer to create online courses! With elopage, you can use intuitive online course templates and set up your course without problems. Create a menu with multiple lesson pages and submenus to structure your knowledge. The video at the top or after a welcome message displayed in text form? You have total design freedom on every course page. Want to see it? Content designer Kathy Ursinus will show you how easy it is in the video.

Our elopreneurs had 3,000,000 successful orders in 2020!

Take a Look at the Sample Course!

Online Course and Checkout Page in One Product

What does an elopage online course actually look like from the customer perspective? Click here and take a look at the sample course. Under "Go to checkout", you can also see how the checkout page looks through which customers can checkout page your course.

Get to know elopage now – with a 14-day free trial!

Ready-Made Design Templates

Benefit From Numerous Ready-To-Use Templates From Over 60 Industries

With a designSHOT, you don't just buy the template for an online course. You get a template for your next 1,000 courses! Or even more. Also use the designSHOTS on your shop pages, customer areas, upsell pages, and social media channels. This guarantees a uniform, professional brand identity!

When It Needs To Be Fast

Magic Link: Direct Access to Your Courses

Ensure those who are interested have direct, personal access to your courses – without creating a password. The magic link or even guest access is just one of many elopage features for particularly successful online courses.

All-in-One Platform

Next Step: Growth!

These days, you could spend weeks integrating expensive tools with your website to somehow create an online course environment… Or you could easily create your online courses with elopage and get started making sales in just a few minutes – no programming knowledge necessary. And online courses are just the beginning. With elopage, you can optimize all sales processes and expand your product portfolio. Also offer your services with elopage and automate your invoice creation.

External website builder and programming knowledge required
Manual test prone to errors
Manual and time-consuming
PayPal or bank transfer
Only time-consuming with manual checking of receipt of payment
Manual evaluation of multiple systems
Not possible
Check manually
Compatibility not guaranteed
Integrated page builder with customized design possibilities
Access and blocking of memberships automatically
Automated invoice creation, data export for taxes, or 0% bookkeeping expense in the reseller model
Direct debit, prepayment, Instant Bank Transfer, credit card, PayPal, invoice, SEPA
Subscriptions, installment payments, one-time payment, currencies
Revenue, payment types, payment plans, conversion tracking, course progress
Multi-level affiliate program
Always sell in a legally compliant manner
To over 800 favorite tools

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With elopage, you get the feeling that people are really working for people and want to get the best out of an online business!
Caroline Preuss
Online Marketing Expert
For us as a company, complete transparency and intense customer service is the most important thing. For us, elopage is an extremely important payment service provider & the essential platform for our digital products!
Anika & Taylor
Founders of Love Life Passport
Things are more customer-friendly when the process is digital and automated. It's why our business has changed massively since we started using elopage.
René Tzschoppe
Founder of Autima
  • For us as a company, complete transparency and intense customer support is the most important thing. For us, elopage is an extremely important payment service provider & the essential platform for our digital products!
    Anika & Taylor
    Founder of Love Life Passport
  • With elopage, you get the feeling that people are really working for people and want to get the best out of an online business!

    Caroline Preuss
    Blogger & Business Coach
  • Things more customer-friendly when the process is digital and automated. It's why our business has changed massively since we started using elopage.

    Renée Tzschoppe
    Founder of Autima

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Just contact us for a commitment-free demo appointment and we will show you the platform live and answer your questions. Rather not wait? Then get started right away with the free trial period and create your first courses today.

The World of Digital Products

8 Product Types for Over 1,000 Use Cases.

Digital Product / Service

Digital Product / Service

Create payment pages for the service that you would like to sell, such as coaching sessions, webinars, or agency services.

Download File / e-Book

Download File / e-Book

Upload products that you would like to sell to your customers via download such as e-books, guides, audio files, and much more.

Online Course

Online Course

Create online courses, online conferences, and other password-protected access areas.

e-Ticket / Voucher

e-Ticket / Voucher

Create e-tickets or gift vouchers for your online or offline events, workshops, or coaching appointments.



Create a membership to make various products available to members with just one access.



Create a bundle to sell multiple products in a single product package.

Codes / Keys

Codes / Keys

Create and sell self-defined codes or automatically generated keys, such as for software licenses or voucher codes.



Create certificates as a standalone product or as a confirmation of participation for your online courses.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do my customers access the online course?

Once you've sold your online course, you don't have to worry about a thing. The elopage system will send your customer a personal login link that they can use to set a password and log into the course area.

2. What do I need to create an online course?

To get started, all you need is an initial outline for your course. Add description texts and images to make your course more lively. If you would like to create video courses, you can upload the recorded videos directly to elopage or embed them from another hosting provider.

3. Can I start my online course with a time delay?

You can unlock your course on a specific date or set up dynamic time control. This allows you to sell online conferences or completely automated self-study courses, for example.

4. Can I check my participants' knowledge?

All elopage online courses have a quiz feature. You can use it to process both multiple choice questions and extensive text tasks. Follow your participants' progress throughout the entire course in the platform's analysis area.

5. How can I create a confirmation of participation?

If you would like to deliver a certificate, you can store it in your online course. Combining it with a quiz makes more complex final exam scenarios possible.

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