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Sell Services Online

Do more with your skills and offer your services for sale online.

Offer Services

To sell your services online, create them as a digital product. For example, two hours of piano lessons. Of course, whether you provide the service in person or digitally depends on the activity. Payment is made conveniently online.

100% Automation

The customer calls, you send an offer, you check receipt of payment, you write dunning notices – these processes take a lot of time! With a payment processor like elopage, you can automate purchases, scheduling, invoices, and more.

Ready for Sale in 5 Minutes

As soon as you have created your service as a digital product, you will get a direct link to the corresponding payment page. Offer your customers every common type of payment, various currencies, and even installment payments and subscriptions.

Sell Services Online

Offer your Skills for Sale

Are you in the services industry and do you want to digitize your business? Then start selling your services! Agency services, selling your craftsman services, or process payments for your consulting – you can do all of that online and save a lot of time. With the elopage system, you can sell services online without problems. Instead of competing on an online marketplace with lots of others, you can easily connect purchasing to your own website. Including payment processing, automated invoice creation, and payment reminders for your customers. This is how you digitize any service business – no programming knowledge required.

Excite your Customers!

elopage offers these Advantages for Services

Any business can be digitized. Even one where you provide services personally. Online sale of services provides the following advantages for you and your customers:

For Providers

Sell online immediately, globally, and in a legally compliant manner
Offer payment methods like SEPA direct debit, credit card, invoice, bank transfer, and PayPal
No office visits or bureaucratic work
Ready for sale immediately: Purchase page and payment processing with one software
Automatic processing of purchases, from invoices to payment reminders

For Customers

Quick and automatic processing
Convenient purchase with payment method of choice
Automatically generated invoice with every order
All relevant order information in your own customer account

110,000+ different products are being offered with elopage.

Personal Services

Build a website, lay tile, or give piano lessons – automate the process completely from purchase to invoice creation. You can also easily bill for materials used.

Paid Consultation

Someone would like to purchase your paid consultation. Let customers pay on the purchasing page and automatically deliver the link to your calendar.

Maintenance Contracts, Fees

Do you perform a service regularly? Are fees charged monthly? Set up subscriptions with automatic payments here.

Club Fees

Companies aren't the only entities that can process payments in a legally compliant manner and make bookkeeping easier with elopage – clubs can too.


Sell access to webinars that you host over services like Zoom, and deliver the access link automatically by e-mail.

Flat-Rate Services

Do you bill in flat rates? Make it easier! List all of your services in a shop. Your customers purchase what they need.


Digital Use Cases for any Business.

Digitization is on everyone's lips. But what exactly does it mean for your business? Get inspired by these examples!

More Time for what's important

Sell Services Online & Dramatically reduce manual Labor

Every manual intervention is one too many when you'd like more time for your core business. Finding a time for consultation, sending an offer, creating an invoice, sending the invoice, ensuring receipt of payment, sending payment reminders. Automate these processes with one software.

Automated Invoice Creation

Corporate customers in particular need invoices. With every purchase, elopage generates and sends a correct invoice.

Subscriptions and Installments

Less effort for payments. Set up subscriptions for regular services or agree upon flexible installment payments.

Sending Offers

You decide when your online course or individual lessons should be unlocked or blocked.

Automatic E-Mails

You can send a confirmation for every purchase that contains individual content like links to your e-calendar.

Connecting Software

Use the purchase page as the heart of your automation. Connect additional software like your newsletter tool without problems.

Customer Areas

To ensure that your customers have all orders, invoices, and content at a glance, a practical end customer account is a part of every purchase with elopage.

Selling Services

From Purchase to Invoice – here's how it works!

What does a digital service business look like? Lisa from the elopage team shows you the features that you need to revolutionize your business with just a few clicks.

Our elopreneurs had 3,000,000 successful orders in 2020!

Expand your Core Business

Use Online Courses together with your Service!

Expand your capacity. Bring new employees on board. Provide consultation services without being present on site. These are just a few possibilities for how online courses can make your business easier.

Make Taxes easy

View your Transactions at a Glance!

With elopage, you can do more than just sell. You also receive all relevant data and reports that you need for your taxes. All transactions, including any rebates or commissions, will be fiscally correct and made available in your seller account.

Ready-Made Design Templates

Benefit from numerous Ready-to-use Templates from over 60 Industries

You have full control of your design on all elopages! Create transparent shop pages, customer areas, landing pages, and product pages that fit the look and feel of your company. Use our practical design templates to start even faster. This guarantees a uniform, professional brand identity!

Get to know elopage now – with a 14-day free trial!

All-in-one Platform

Next step: Growth!

These days, you could spend weeks integrating expensive tools with your website to somehow create an shop environment… Or you could easily offer your services with elopage and get started start making sales in just a few minutes – no programming knowledge necessary. And services are just the beginning. With elopage, you can optimize all sales processes and expand your product portfolio. Also offer your online courses with elopage and automate your invoice creation.

External website builder and programming knowledge required
Manual test prone to errors
Manual and time-consuming
PayPal or bank transfer
Only time-consuming with manual checking of receipt of payment
Manual evaluation of multiple systems
Not possible
Check manually
Compatibility not guaranteed
Integrated page builder with customized design possibilities
Access and blocking of memberships automatically
Automated invoice creation, data export for taxes, or 0% bookkeeping expense in the reseller model
Direct debit, prepayment, Instant Bank Transfer, credit card, PayPal, invoice, SEPA
Subscriptions, installment payments, one-time payment, currencies
Revenue, payment types, payment plans, conversion tracking, course progress
Multi-level affiliate program
Always sell in a legally compliant manner
To over 800 favorite tools

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With elopage, you get the feeling that people are really working for people and want to get the best out of an online business!
Caroline Preuss
Online Marketing Expert
For us as a company, complete transparency and intense customer service is the most important thing. For us, elopage is an extremely important payment service provider & the essential platform for our digital products!
Anika & Taylor
Founders of Love Life Passport
Things are more customer-friendly when the process is digital and automated. It's why our business has changed massively since we started using elopage.
René Tzschoppe
Founder of Autima
  • For us as a company, complete transparency and intense customer support is the most important thing. For us, elopage is an extremely important payment service provider & the essential platform for our digital products!
    Anika & Taylor
    Founder of Love Life Passport
  • With elopage, you get the feeling that people are really working for people and want to get the best out of an online business!

    Caroline Preuss
    Blogger & Business Coach
  • Things more customer-friendly when the process is digital and automated. It's why our business has changed massively since we started using elopage.

    Renée Tzschoppe
    Founder of Autima

30-day Free Trial

Do you want to start selling sell Online Services?

Just contact us for a commitment-free demo appointment and we will show you the platform live and answer your questions. Rather not wait? Then get started right away with the free trial period and create your first courses today.

The World of Digital Products

8 Product Types for Over 1,000 Use Cases.

Digital Product / Service

Digital Product / Service

Create payment pages for the service that you would like to sell, such as coaching sessions, webinars, or agency services.

Download File / e-Book

Download File / e-Book

Upload products that you would like to sell to your customers via download such as e-books, guides, audio files, and much more.

Online Course

Online Course

Create online courses, online conferences, and other password-protected access areas.

e-Ticket / Voucher

e-Ticket / Voucher

Create e-tickets or gift vouchers for your online or offline events, workshops, or coaching appointments.



Create a membership to make various products available to members with just one access.



Create a bundle to sell multiple products in a single product package.

Codes / Keys

Codes / Keys

Create and sell self-defined codes or automatically generated keys, such as for software licenses or voucher codes.



Create certificates as a standalone product or as a confirmation of participation for your online courses.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I retain the rights to my Intellectual Property?

elopage merely acts as a payment processor and hosting provider. You retain all rights to your content. You can remove your products from the platform at any time and publish them yourself. There is no binding contract. You can also purchase the software with maximum flexibility and cancel any day.

2. Is elopage the right Choice for all Entrepreneurs?

We empower all entrepreneurs! From solopreneurs to corporations. That's why you can use elopage, regardless of whether you're a freelancer, a business person, a limited liability company, a club, or something completely different.

3. How can I create an Invoice?

The elopage software provides the opportunity to create invoices manually that can be actively sent. Otherwise, you can activate automatic invoice creation, which will send a valid invoice to your customer by e-mail after every sale.

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